2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Pairing through [PHONE] Setup
Press the  [SETUP] button    Select
i   Information
i   Information
The  waiting  period   during  phone
pairing will last for one minute. The
pairing process will fail if the device
is not paired within the given time.
If the pairing process fails, you must
start  the  process   from  the  begin-
Generally, most Bluetooth®   Wireless
Technology  devices   will  automati-
cally  connect  once  pairing  is  com-
plete.  However,  some  devices  may
require    a    separate    verification
process  to   connect.  Check   to  see
whetherBluetooth®Wireless Technology
If  Bluetooth ®   Wireless   Technology
devices  are  paired  but  none  are  cur-
[PHONE] button or  the [CALL]  but-      Pair Phone
ton on the steering wheel controls dis-
plays  the  following  screen.  Press  the
[Pair] button to pair   a new device or
press the [Connect] to connect a previ-
ously paired device.
The following steps are  the same as
has been properly connected within
your mobile phone.
those described in the section “When
No Devices have been Paired” on the
previous page.
•  List  of  paired  Bluetooth®
Technology devices can be viewed at
[SETUP]     [Phone]      [Paired
Phone List].
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