2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
Feature of Your Audio
(6) PWR/VOL knob
Changes to CD, USB(iPod®), AUX,     •  Power  knob : Turns  power  On/Off
My Music*, BT Audio* mode.
by pressing the knob.
Each  time  the button  is  pressed,     •  Volume  knob   :  Sets   volume  by
the  mode  is changed  in  order  of
turning the knob left/right.
CD, USB(iPod®), AUX,  My Music*,
BT Audio*.
*if equipped
PHONE (Type A-5)
(7) [1] ~ [6] (Preset)
Operates Phone Screen.
When  a phone  is  not  connected,
the connection screen is displayed.
•  Radio  mode  : Saves  frequencies
(channels)  or  receives saved  fre-
quencies (channels).
CD, USB, iPod®, My Music* mode
-  [RPT] : Repeat
Radio mode : Automatically search-
es for broadcast frequencies.
CD, USB, iPod®, My Music* mode
-  [RDM] : Random
In  the   Radio,   Media,  Setup,   and
Menu  pop  up  screen,  the  number
menu is selected.
Ejects the disc.
Shortly press the  button : Moves
to next or previous song (file).
RADIO (Type A-5)
*if equipped
Changes to FM/AM mode.
Press   and   hold   the  button   :
Rewinds or fast-forwards the cur-
rent song.
Each  time  the button  is  pressed,
the  mode  is changed  in  order  of
*if equipped
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