2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Parking assist system precau-
•  Do not spray the sensors or its sur-
rounding area  directly with  a  high
pressure  washer.  Doing   so  may
cause the sensors to fail to operate
The parking assist system may not
operate  consistently  in  some  cir-
cumstances    depending   on   the
speed   of   the   vehicle   and   the
shapes of the objects detected.
The parking assist system may mal-
function if the vehicle bumper height
or  sensor   installation   has  been
modified or damaged. Any non-fac-
tory  installed equipment  or acces-
sories  may also  interfere  with  the
sensor performance.
Your new vehicle warranty does
not cover any accidents or dam-
age to the  vehicle or injuries to
its   occupants     related   to    a
Parking Assist  System. Always
drive safely and cautiously.
The   sensor  may   not   recognize
objects  less  than  40  cm  (15   in)
from the sensor, or it may sense an
incorrect distance. Use caution.
When  the  sensor is  blocked  with
snow, dirt, debris,  or ice, the park-
ing assist system  may be inopera-
tive until  the snow or  ice melts, or
the debris  is  removed. Use a  soft
cloth to wipe  debris away from the
Do  not push,  scratch  or  strike the
sensor  with  any  hard  objects  that
could  damage  the  surface  of   the
sensor. Sensor damage could occur.
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