2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Consult   an   authorized   HYUNDAI
dealer  to replace  most vehicle  light
bulbs. It is difficult  to replace vehicle
light bulbs because other parts of the
vehicle must be removed  before you
can get to the bulb. This is especially
true   for   removing   the   headlamp
assembly to get to the bulb(s).
Prior  to  working  on  the  light,
firmly apply  the  parking brake,
ensure  that the  ignition  switch
is  in   the   LOCK/OFF  position
and turn  off the  lights to  avoid
sudden  movement of  the  vehi-
cle and  burning your fingers or
receiving an electric shock.
If   you  don’t   have   necessary
tools, the correct bulbs  and the
expertise, consult an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer. In many cases,
it  is difficult  to replace  vehicle
light bulbs because  other parts
of the vehicle must  be removed
before you  can get to  the bulb.
This  is   especially  true  if   you
have  to  remove  the  headlamp
assembly to get to the bulb(s).
Removing/installing   the   headlamp
assembly  can  result  in  damage  to
the vehicle.
Be sure to replace  the burned-out
bulb with one of the same wattage
rating.  Otherwise,   it  may  cause
damage  to   the  fuse   or  electric
wiring system.
Removing/installing   the  head-
lamp   assembly  can   result  in
damage to the vehicle.
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