2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Operation Tips
Air conditioning
To keep  dust or unpleasant fumes      HYUNDAI Air Conditioning  Systems
from entering  the  car through  the     are  filled  with   R-134a  or  R1234yf
The  refrigerant  system   should
only be  serviced by trained  and
certified  technicians   to  insure
proper and safe operation.
The  refrigerant  system   should
be  serviced in  a  well-ventilated
ventilation system,  temporarily set
the air intake control to the recircu-
lated air position. Be sure to return
the control to  the fresh air position
when  the irritation  has  passed  to
keep fresh  air  in the  vehicle. This
will help  keep the  driver alert  and
Air for  the  heating/cooling system
is drawn  in through the  grilles just
ahead   of   the  windshield.   Care
should be taken that  these are not
blocked  by  leaves,   snow,  ice  or
other obstructions.
Start the engine. Push the air con-
ditioning button.
Set the mode to the
Set the air intake control to the out-
side air or recirculated air position.
•  The air  conditioning evaporator
(cooling   coil)   shall   never   be
repaired  or   replaced  with  one
removed  from   a  used   or  sal-
vaged vehicle  and new  replace-
ment MAC  evaporators shall  be
certified  (and labeled)  as  meet-
ing SAE Standard J2842.
4. Adjust the  fan  speed control  and
temperature   control  to   maintain
maximum comfort.
i   Information
Your vehicle  is  filled  with  R-134a  or
R-1234yf  according  to  the  regulation
in your country at the time of produc-
tion. You can find out which air condi-
tioning refrigerant is applied to your
vehicle  on  the  label  located  inside  of
the hood.  
To prevent interior fog on the wind-
shield, set  the air intake control  to
the fresh air position and fan speed
to the desired position,  turn on the
air conditioning system, and adjust
the temperature  control to desired
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