2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Headlamp, position lamp,
turn signal lamp and fog lamp
light bulb replacement
(1) Headlamp (Low)
i   Information
Headlamp (High)
Turn signal lamp
After heavy driving, rain or  washing,
headlamp  and  tail  lamp  lenses  could
appear frosty. This condition is caused     Type A – Standard
(4) Position lamp
by the temperature difference between
the lamp inside and outside.  
Daytime running lamp (DRL)
Fog lamp (if equipped)
without fog lamp
This is similar  to the condensation on
your windows inside your vehicle dur-
ing  the  rain  and  doesn’t   indicate  a
problem   with  your   vehicle.   If   the
water leaks into the lamp bulb circuit-
ry, we recommend that the system be
checked by an authorized HYUNDAI
i   Information (For Europe)
The  low   beam  light   distribution  is
asymmetric.  If   you  go   abroad  to  a
country with opposite traffic direction,
this   asymmetric    part    will   dazzle
oncoming  car driver. To  prevent  daz-
zle,  ECE  regulation   demand  several
technical    solutions   (ex.    automatic
change  system,  adhesive  sheet,  down
aiming). These headlamps are designed
not to dazzle opposite drivers. So, you
need not change your   headlamps in a
country with opposite traffic direction.
with fog lamp
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