2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

i   Information
When  an  incoming  call  pop-up  is
displayed,  most Audio  and  SETUP
mode  features   are  disabled.  Only
the call volume will operate.
The  telephone  number may  not  be
properly  displayed  in  some  mobile
Answering a Call
Answering  a call  with  a  Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology device connect-
ed will display the following screen.
•  When  a  call  is  answered  with  the     During a Handsfree Call
mobile  phone,   the  call  mode   will     •  Caller :  Displays the  other party’s
automatically    revert    to   Private
name   if  the   incoming   caller   is
saved within your contacts.
Incoming  Number  :  Displays  the
incoming number.
Caller :  Displays the  other  party’s
name when  the incoming  caller is
saved within your contacts.
Incoming  Number  :  Displays  the
incoming number.
Accept : Accepts the incoming call.
Reject : Rejects the incoming call.
•  Call time : Displays the call time.
•  End : Ends call.
Private : Converts to Private mode.
Out Vol. : Sets call volume as heard
by the other party.
Mute : Turns Mic Mute On/Off.
i   Information
If  the  mic  is  muted,  the  other  party
will not be able to hear your voice.
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