2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Power window lock switch
When the power  window lock switch
is pressed:
i   Information
The automatic reverse feature is only
active when the “Auto Up” feature is
used by fully pulling up the switch to
the second detent.
Left-hand drive
The driver's master control can only
operate the driver’s power window.
The front  passenger's  control can
operate    the   front    passenger's
power window.
The rear  passenger's control  can-
not  operate  the  rear passengers'
power window.
Make  sure body  parts  or  other
objects are safely out of the way
before  closing  the  windows  to
avoid injuries or vehicle damage.
Right-hand drive
Objects  less   than  4  mm  (0.16
inch) in diameter caught between
the window  glass and the  upper
window   channel  may   not   be
detected by the automatic reverse
window and  the window will  not
stop and reverse direction.
Do  not  allow  children  to   play
with  the power  windows. Keep
the driver’s door power  window
lock  switch in  the  LOCK  posi-
tion. Serious injury or death can
result  from   unintentional  win-
dow operation by a child.
The  driver  can   disable  the  power
window switches on the rear passen-
gers'  doors  by  pressing  the  power
window lock switch.
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