2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Auto down window (if equipped)     To reset the  power windows
Automatic reversal (if equipped)
Pressing  the  power  window  switch     If the power windows  do not operate
momentarily  to   the  second  detent     normally,  the  automatic  power  win-
position  (6)  completely   lowers  the     dow system must be reset as follows:
window  even   when   the  switch   is
released. To stop  the window  at the
desired position  while the window is
in operation,  pull  up or  press down
and release the switch.
Place the ignition switch to the ON
Close  the  window   and  continue
pulling  up  on  the  power window
switch for at least one second.
If the power windows do  not operate
properly  after resetting,  it is  recom-
mended that the system  be checked
Pressing or pulling up the power win-     by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
dow switch  momentarily  to the  sec-
Auto up/down window
(if equipped)
If  a   window  senses  any   obstacle
while it is closing automatically, it will
stop and lower  approximately 30 cm
(12 inches) to  allow the object  to be
If the  window detects the resistance
while  the  power   window  switch  is
pulled  up  continuously, the  window
will   stop  upward   movement   then
lower approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch).
ond  detent  position  (6)  completely
lowers or lifts the window even when
the  switch  is released.  To  stop  the
window at the  desired position while
the window is in operation, pull up or
press down and release the switch.
If the power  window switch is  pulled
up continuously  again  within 5  sec-
onds after the  window is lowered  by
the  automatic  window reversal  fea-
ture, the  automatic  window reversal
will not operate.
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