2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
How vehicle radio works
FM reception
This can  be due  to factors, such  as     AM (MW, LW) reception
the  distance from  the  radio station,
closeness of  other strong  radio sta-
tions  or  the  presence  of  buildings,
bridges or other large obstructions in
the area.
AM  broadcasts  can be  received  at
greater  distances   than  FM  broad-
casts.  This   is  because   AM   radio
waves  are   transmitted  at  low   fre-
quencies. These long, low frequency
radio waves can follow the  curvature
of  the   earth  rather  than   travelling
straight  out into  the atmosphere.  In
addition, they curve  around obstruc-
tions so that  they can provide  better
signal coverage.
AM and FM radio  signals are broad-
cast from  transmitter towers  located
around your  city. They are intercept-
ed by the radio antenna on your vehi-
cle. This  signal  is then  received  by
the  radio  and  sent  to  your  vehicle
When   a  strong   radio   signal   has
reached  your   vehicle,  the   precise
engineering  of   your  audio  system
ensures  the   best   possible  quality
reproduction.    However,   in   some
cases the signal coming to your vehi-
cle may not be strong and clear.
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