2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

i   Information
Charging through the USB may not
work for some mobile devices.
•  Avoid use of USB mem-
ory  products   that   can
also   be    used   as   key
chains  or mobile  phone
accessories.  Use   of  such  products
may cause damage to the USB jack.
Using the iPod® Device
iPod®  is  a  registered  trademark  of
Apple Inc.
The device may not support normal
operation when using a USB memo-
ry type besides (Metal Cover   Type)
USB Memory.
In order to use the iPod® while oper-
ating  the  buttons,  you  must  use  a
dedicated  iPod®   cable.  (the   cable
that  is   supplied  when  purchasing
iPod®/ iPhone® products)
Connecting an MP3 device or phone
through  various  channels,  such  as
AUX/BT  or Audio/USB  mode  may
result  in   pop  noises  or  abnormal
The device may not support normal
operation when using formats such
as HDD Type, CF, or SD Memory.
If the iPod® is connected to the vehicle
while it is playing, a high pitch sound
could  occur   for  approximately  1-2
seconds immediately after connecting.
If possible, connect the iPod®    to the
vehicle   with   the   iPod®
The  device   will  not   support  files
locked   by   DRM   (Digital   Rights
USB  memory  sticks  used  by   con-
necting an Adaptor (SD Type or CF
Type)  may  not  be  properly  recog-
During  ACC  ON  state,  connecting
the  iPod® through  the  iPod® cable
will  charge  the  iPod®  through  the
The device may not operate proper-
ly when using USB HDDs or    USBs
subject     to    connection     failures
caused by vehicle vibrations. (e.g. i-
stick type)
car audio system.
When  connecting   with   the  iPod®
cable, make sure to fully insert the
jack   to    prevent   communication
Product Specification
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