2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Malfunction Indicator
Lamp (MIL)
Charging System
Warning Light
Gasoline Engine
If the  Malfunction Indicator  Lamp
(MIL) illuminates, potential catalyt-
ic  converter  damage  is  possible
which   could   result   in   loss   of     This warning  light illuminates:
This warning light illuminates:
engine power.
Once you turn the ignition switch or
•  Once you turn the ignition switch or
the Engine Start/Stop button to the
ON position.
- It  remains on  until  the  engine  is
the Engine Start/Stop button to the     In  this  case, we  recommend that
ON position.
you have the vehicle inspected by
an authorized  HYUNDAI dealer as
soon as possible.
It  illuminates  for approximately  3
seconds and then goes off.
When  there is  a  malfunction with
the emission control system.
In  this case,  we  recommend  that     If the  Malfunction Indicator  Lamp
you have  the vehicle inspected  by     (MIL) blinks, some error related to
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
•  When there  is  a malfunction  with
either  the  alternator   or  electrical
charging system.
- Diesel Engine
If there is a malfunction with either
the alternator or electrical charging
the  injection quantity  adjustment
occurs which  could result in  loss
of   engine    power,    combustion
noise and poor emission.
In  this case,  we recommend  that
you have  the  engine control  sys-
tem  inspected  by  an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
Drive carefully to the  nearest safe
location and stop your vehicle.
Driving with the Malfunction Indicator
Lamp (MIL) on may cause damage to
the emission control systems which
could  affect   drivability  and/or  fuel
2. Turn the engine off  and check the
alternator drive  belt for looseness
or breakage.
If  the   belt  is  adjusted   properly,
there  may  be  a  problem   in  the
electrical charging system.
In this  case, we  recommend  that
you have the vehicle inspected  by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer as
soon as possible.
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