2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety precautions
Air bags
You can take steps to reduce the risk
of  being  injured  by  an  inflating  air
bag. Sitting  too  close to  an air  bag
greatly increases the risk  of injury in
the event  the air  bag inflates.  Move
your  seat  as  far  back  as  possible
from front  air bags,  while still  main-
taining control of the vehicle.
Adjusting the seats so that you are sit-
ting  in  a  safe,  comfortable  position
plays an  important role  in driver and
passenger  safety  together  with  the
seat belts and air bags in an accident.
Hold the steering wheel by the
rim with hands at the 9 o’clock
and 3 o’clock positions to min-
imize  the   risk  of  injuries   to
your hands and arms.
NEVER place anything or  any-
one between the air bag.
Do not allow the front  passen-
ger to place feet or legs on the
dashboard to minimize the risk
of leg injuries.
Do   not   use   a   cushion   that
reduces friction between the seat
and the  passenger. The passen-
ger's  hips  may slide  under  the
lap portion of the seat belt during
an  accident  or  a  sudden  stop.
Serious or  fatal internal  injuries
could  result   because  the  seat
belt cannot operate properly.
To  reduce  the  risk  of  serious
injury or death from an inflating
air bag,  take the  following  pre-
•  Adjust the driver’s  seat as  far
to  the rear  as  possible  while
maintaining the ability to main-
tain full control of the vehicle.
Adjust   the  front   passenger
seat as far to the rear as possi-
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