2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Use of compact spare tires
(if equipped)
When driving with the compact spare
tire mounted to your vehicle:
When  the original  tire  and wheel
are repaired and reinstalled on the
vehicle, the lug nut torque must be
set  correctly. The correct  lug  nut
tightening  torque  is 11~13  kgf.m
Compact spare tires are designed for    •  Check    the   tire   pressure    after
emergency use  only. Drive  carefully
on   the   compact   spare   tire    and
always follow the safety precautions.
installing  the  compact  spare  tire.
The compact  spare tire  should be
inflated to 420 kPa (60 psi).
Do not take this vehicle through an
automatic car wash while the com-
pact spare tire is installed.
To  prevent  compact spare  tire
failure and  loss of control  pos-
sibly resulting in an accident:
•  Do not use the  compact spare tire
on any  other vehicle  because this
tire has  been  designed especially
for your vehicle.
•  The compact spare  tire's tread life
is   shorter   than   a   regular   tire.
Inspect  your   compact  spare  tire
regularly  and  replace  worn  com-
pact spare tires with the same size
and design, mounted  on the same
Use  the   compact  spare  tire
only in an emergency.
NEVER  operate  your  vehicle
over 80 km/h (50 mph).
Do  not  exceed  the  vehicle’s
maximum  load  rating  or  the
load carrying  capacity shown
on  the  sidewall  of  the  com-
pact spare tire.
Do not use more than one compact
spare tire at a time.
Do not use the compact spare
tire   continuously.  Repair   or
replace   the  original   tire   as
soon as possible to avoid fail-
ure of the compact spare tire.
Do not tow a  trailer while the com-
pact spare tire is installed.
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