2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Disc brakes wear indicator
Rear drum brakes
(if equipped)
Parking brake
Applying the parking brake
When your brake pads are worn and
new pads are required, you  will hear     Your rear  drum  brakes do  not have
a  high pitched  warning  sound from     wear  indicators. Therefore, have  the
your  front  or rear  brakes.  You may      rear  brake  linings  inspected  if  you
hear  this sound  come  and  go or  it     hear a rear brake rubbing noise. Also
may  occur  whenever   you  depress     have   your  rear   brakes   inspected
the brake pedal.
each time you change  or rotate your
tires  and  when  you  have the  front
brakes replaced.
Note that some  driving conditions or
climates may  cause a  brake squeal
when you first apply (or lightly apply)
the brakes. This is  normal and  does
not  indicate   a   problem  with   your
Always set  the parking brake  before
leaving the vehicle, to apply:
Firmly depress the brake pedal.
Pull up the parking brake lever as far
as possible.
To avoid  costly  brake repairs,  do
not  continue  to  drive  with  worn
brake pads.
i   Information
Always  replace  brake  pads  as  com-
plete front or rear axle sets.
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