2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Shift lever position
During the  first 1,500  km (1,000     The  indicator in the instrument  clus-
miles),  you   may  feel   that  the     ter  displays  the  shift  lever  position
vehicle   may   not    be   smooth     when the ignition  switch is in the ON
Shifting into P (Park) while the
vehicle    is   in   motion    may
cause  you to  lose  control  of
the vehicle.
•  After the vehicle has stopped,
always  make   sure  the   shift
lever is  in P  (Park), apply  the
parking  brake,  and   turn  the
engine off.
when accelerating at low  speed.
During this  break-in  period, the
shift quality and performance  of
your new vehicle  is continuous-
ly optimized.
P (Park)
Always  come   to  a   complete  stop
before shifting into P (Park).
Always come to a complete stop
before shifting  into D  (Drive) or     To   shift  from  P   (Park),  you   must
R (Reverse).
Do  not put  the  shift  lever in  N
(Neutral) while driving.
depress  firmly  on  the  brake  pedal
and  make sure  your  foot  is off  the
accelerator pedal.
Do not  use the P  (Park) posi-
tion  in  place  of  the   parking
If you  have done  all of  the above
and still cannot shift  the lever out
Release" in this chapter.
The  shift lever  must be  in  P (Park)
before turning the engine off.
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