2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Multimedia System
The  phone  must  be  paired  to  the      •  Even
•  Placing the audio system within an
electromagnetic   environment  may
result in noise interference.
audio   system   to   use   Bluetooth ®
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, the
Wireless   Technology   related  fea-
phone   will  not   be   found  during
device  searches   if  the   phone  has
Some   cellular    phones    or   other
devices may cause interference noise
or malfunction  to  audio  system.  In
this case, store the device in a differ-
ent location may resolve the condi-
been   set  to   hidden   state   or  the
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
power is turned off. Disable the hid-
den state or  turn on the Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology power prior to
searching/connecting  with   the  car
audio system.
Pairing and connecting a Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology enabled mobile
phone   will   work  only   when   the
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
option  within   your  mobile   phone
has  been  turned   on.  (Methods  of
turning on the Bluetooth®    Wireless
While a phone is connected through
Bluetooth ®   Wireless     Technology
your phone may discharge quicker
than usual for additional Bluetooth®
Wireless  Technology-related  opera-
Technology   enabled   feature   may     •  You   will   not  be   able  to   use  the
differ   depending    on   the   mobile
hands-free feature when your phone
(in the car) is outside of the cellular
service  area  (e.g.  in  a  tunnel,  in  a
underground,    in   a  mountainous
area, etc.).
Do not use a cellular   phone or per-
Bluetooth ®
If  Priority  is  set  upon  vehicle  igni-
Technology  settings  (e.g.  pairing  a
phone) while driving.
tion (IGN/ACC ON), the Bluetooth®
Wireless  Technology  phone  will  be
automatically   connected.   Even   if
you   are   outside,   the   Bluetooth ®
Wireless  Technology  phone  will  be
automatically  connected   once  you
are in the vicinity of the vehicle. If
•  If the cellular   phone signal is poor
or the vehicles interior   noise is too
loud, it may be difficult to hear   the
other person’s voice during a call.
Do  not   place  the   phone  near   or
inside   metallic  objects,   otherwise
communications    with   Bluetooth ®
you  do  not  want  to  automatically
Wireless Technology  system  or cel-
lular  service   stations  can   be  dis-
connect  your  Bluetooth®   Wireless
Technology phone, try the following.
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