2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
The dual clutch transmission incor-
porates   a   dry-type   dual   clutch
mechanism, which allows for better
Do  not use  the engine  brake
(shifting  from a  high  gear  to
lower  gear)   rapidly  on   slip-
pery  roads. The  vehicle  may
slip causing an accident.
To  reduce  the  risk  of  serious
injury or death:
ALWAYS check  the surround-
ing areas near your vehicle for
people,   especially   children,
before  shifting a  vehicle  into
D (Drive) or R (Reverse).
Before   leaving   the   driver's
seat,  always   make  sure  the
shift  lever  is  in  the P  (Park)
position, then set  the parking
brake,  and place  the  ignition
switch in the LOCK/OFF  posi-
tion. Unexpected  and sudden
vehicle  movement can  occur
if  these  precautions  are  not
increased fuel efficiency while driv-
ing.  But it  differs  from  a  conven-
tional   automatic  transmission   in
that   it   does  not   incorporate    a
torque converter. Instead, the tran-
sition from  one gear to  the next is
managed by  clutch slip, especially
at lower speeds. As a  result, shifts
are  sometimes   more  noticeable,
and a light  vibration can be  felt as
the  transmission   shaft  speed   is
matched   with   the  engine   shaft
speed.This is a normal condition of
the dual clutch transmission.
•  The dual clutch transmission gives
the driving  feel of a  manual trans-
mission, yet provides the ease of a
fully automatic transmission. Unlike
a  traditional   automatic  transmis-
sion,  the gear  shifting  can some-
times be felt and heard on the dual
clutch transmission,  as the  actua-
tors  engage   the  clutch   and  the
gear is selected.
•  The
The  dual clutch  transmission  can
be thought  of as  an  automatically
torque more  directly and  provides
a  direct-drive   feeling  which  may
feel  different  from  a  conventional
automatic  transmission. This  may
be  more noticeable  when launch-
ing the vehicle from a stop or when
traveling at  low, stop-and-go  vehi-
cle speeds.
When  D  (Drive)  is  selected,   the
transmission will automatically shift
through the gears similar to  a con-
ventional automatic transmission.
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