2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

The battery sensor deactiva-
Prerequisites to reactivate the
battery sensor
Keep  the engine  in the  OFF  status
for 4 hours, and attempt to restart the
engine 3  to 4  times  for the  battery-
sensor reactivation.
Pay extreme  caution not  to connect
any accessories  (i.e. navigation and
black  box)  to  the  vehicle   with  the
engine in  the OFF status. If  not, the
battery sensor may  not be reactivat-
Use only  the genuine  HYUNDAI
ISG  battery  for  replacement.  If
not, the ISG system may not nor-
mally operate.
Do not recharge  the ISG battery
with a general battery charger. If
not,  it may  damage  or  explode
the ISG battery.
Battery sensor
Do not remove the battery cap. If
which  is harmful  to  the human
body, may leak out.
not,    the
i   Information
The  battery  sensor  is  deactivated,      The  ISG  system  may  not  operate  in
when  the   battery  is   disconnected
from  the  negative  pole  for  mainte-
nance purpose.
the following situations.
- There is a malfunction with the IGS
In this case,  the ISG system is limit-
edly operated due to the battery sen-
sor  deactivation.   Thus,  the   driver
needs  to  take  the  following  proce-
dures to  reactivate  the battery  sen-
sor after disconnecting the battery.
- The battery is weak.
- The brake vacuum pressure is low.
In those cases, we recommend you to
have  the  ISG system  checked  by  an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
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