2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Front seat
Position  one   arm  under  the
shoulder belt and the other over
the belt,  as shown in  the illus-
Always position  the shoulder
belt  anchor into  locked posi-
tion at the appropriate height.
Never  position   the  shoulder
belt across your neck or face.
To adjust  the  height of  the seat  belt
anchor,  lower   or  raise   the  height
Height adjustment
You  can   adjust  the   height  of   the     adjuster into an appropriate position.
Improperly positioned  seat  belts
may increase  the risk of  serious
injury in an accident.Take the fol-
lowing precautions  when adjust-
ing the seat belt:
Position the  lap portion  of the
seat  belt  as   low  as  possible
across  your hips,  not on  your
waist, so that it fits snugly.This
allows your strong pelvic bones
to absorb the force of the crash,
reducing the chance of internal
shoulder  belt  anchor  to one  of  the
four different  positions  for maximum
comfort and safety.
The   shoulder   portion    should   be
adjusted so  it lies across  your chest
and midway over your shoulder near-
est the door, not over your neck.
To raise the  height adjuster, pull it  up
To lower it, push it  down (3) while
pressing the height adjuster button (2).
Release the button to lock the anchor
into  position.  Try  sliding   the  height
adjuster  to   make  sure  that   it  has
locked into position.
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