2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Manual transmission fluid
(if equipped)
Brake hoses and lines
Parking brake
Visually check for proper installation,     Inspect   the  parking   brake  system
Inspect   the   manual   transmission      chafing,   cracks,  deterioration   and     including  the parking brake  lever (or
fluid  according  to  the  maintenance     any leakage. Replace any deteriorat-     pedal) and cables.
ed or damaged parts immediately.
Brake pads, calipers and
Brake fluid
Dual clutch transmission fluid
(if equipped)
Check brake  fluid level  in the  brake
fluid  reservoir. The  level  should  be
between “MIN” and “MAX”  marks on
the  side  of  the reservoir.  Use  only
hydraulic  brake  fluid  conforming  to
DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification.
Check the  pads for  excessive wear,
discs  for   run   out  and   wear,  and
calipers for fluid leakage.
For  more  information   on  checking
the pads or  lining wear limit, refer  to
the HYUNDAI web site.
Inspect the  dual clutch transmission
fluid  according  to  the  maintenance
Product Specification
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