2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

During a frontal collision, sensors  will     • Air  bag deployment  depends on  a
detect the vehicle’s deceleration.If the
rate  of deceleration  is  high enough,
the control unit will inflate the front air
bags, at  the time  and with  the force
number of factors including  vehicle
speed,  angles  of  impact  and  the
density and stiffness of the vehicles
or   objects    which   your   vehicle
impacts   during   a  collision.   The
determining factors  are not  limited
to those mentioned above.
The light stays on after illumi-
nating  for  approximately   six
The light  comes on  while the
vehicle is in motion.
The   light   blinks   when   the
engine is running.
The  front  air bags  help  protect  the
responding   to   frontal   impacts   in     •  The  front  air bags  will  completely
which seat belts alone cannot provide
adequate  restraint.   When  needed,
the side air bags help provide protec-
tion in the event of a side impact.
inflate and deflate in an instant. It is
virtually  impossible for  you to  see
the air  bags inflate during an  acci-
dent. It is much more likely that you
will simply see the deflated air bags
hanging  out of  their storage  com-
partments after the collision.
We recommend  that  an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer inspect the
SRS as  soon as possible  if any
of these conditions occur.
Air  bags   are  activated   (able   to
inflate if  necessary) only when  the
ignition switch is in the ON position.
Air bags inflate  in the event of cer-
tain frontal or side collisions to help
protect the occupants from  serious
physical injury.
Generally, air bags are designed to
inflate based upon the severity of a
collision it’s direction etc.These two
factors determine whether the sen-
sors produce an  electronic deploy-
ment/inflation signal.
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