2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
All children under the age of one year
must always ride in  a rearward-facing
Child Restraint System. There are dif-
ferent  types of  rearward-facing Child
Restraint  Systems:  infant-only  Child
Restraint Systems  can only  be used
rearward-facing. Convertible and 3-in-
Booster seats
A  booster   seat  is   Child  Restraint
System designed to improve the fit of
the vehicle’s seat belt system.A boost-
er seat positions the seat belt so that it
fits properly over the stronger parts of
your child’s body.Keep your children in
booster   seats   until   they  are   big
enough to fit in a seat belt properly.
For a seat  belt to fit  properly, the lap
belt must  lie  comfortable across  the
upper  thighs,  not the  stomach.  The
shoulder  belt should  lie  comfortable
across  the  shoulder  and chest  and
not across the  neck or face. Children
under age 13 must always be proper-
ly  restrained to  minimize  the risk  of
injury in an  accident, sudden stop  or
sudden maneuver.
Child  Restraint  Systems   typically
have higher  height  and weight  limits
for the rearward-facing position, allow-
ing you  to keep  your child  rearward-
facing for a longer period of time.
Keep using  Child  Restraint Systems
in the rearward-facing position as long
as  children fit  within  the height  and
weight  limits   allowed  by  the   Child
Restraint System's manufacturer.
Forward-facing Child Restraint
A   forward-facing    Child   Restraint
System   provides  restraint   for   the
child’s body with a harness. Keep chil-
Restraint System with a harness until
they  reach the  top  height or  weight
limit allowed  by  your Child  Restraint
System’s manufacturer.
Once your child outgrows the forward-
facing  Child  Restraint  System, your
child is ready for a booster seat.
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