2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

i   Information
An encrypted MP3 PLAYER is not       •  If you disconnect the external USB
Using the USB Device
device   during   playback    in  USB
mode, the external USB device can
be  damaged   or  may  malfunction.
Therefore,  disconnect  the  external
USB   device   when    the   audio   is
turned off or  in another mode. (e.g,
Radio, CD)
To  use   an   external   USB  device,
make sure the device is not connect-
ed  when   starting  up   the  vehicle.
Connect the device after starting up.
Depending  on  the  condition  of  the
external USB device, the connected
external  USB  device  can  be  unrec-
If  you  start   the  engine  when   the
USB  device   is  connected,   it  may
damage the USB device. (USB flash-
drives are  very  sensitive to  electric
When the formatted byte/sector set-
ting  of  External  USB  device  is  not
either 512BYTE or 2048BYTE, then
the device will not be recognized.
Depending on the type and capacity
of  the  external  USB  device  or the
type of the files stored in the device,
there  is   a  difference   in  the   time
taken for recognition of the device.
Use only a USB device formatted to
FAT 12/16/32.
If the engine is started up or  turned
off while the external USB device is
connected, the external USB device       •  USB    devices    without    USB    I/F
authentication may not be recogniz-
Do not use the USB device for   pur-
poses other than playing music files.
may not work.
The System may not play inauthen-
tic MP3 or WMA files.
Playing  videos  through  the  USB  is
not supported.
•  Make sure the USB connection ter-
minal does not come in contact with
the human body or other objects.
It can only play MP3 files with the
compression rate between 8Kbps ~
•  If you repeatedly connect or discon-
nect the USB device in a short peri-
od of time, it may break the device.
It  can  only  play WMA music  files
with the compression rate between
8Kbps ~ 320Kbps.
•  You may hear a strange noise when
connecting or  disconnecting a USB
Take precautions for static electrici-
ty when connecting or disconnecting
the external USB device.
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