2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

If you decide to pull a trailer
•  On  a  long   uphill  grade,   do  not
exceed  70 km/h  (45  mph)  or the
i   Information - For Europe
Here  are  some  important  points  if
you decide to pull a trailer:
The  technically   permissible  maxi-
mum load on the rear axle(s) may be
exceeded  by  not  more  than  15  %
and   the    technically    permissible
maximum laden mass of the vehicle
whichever is lower.
Consider using a sway control.You
can ask a trailer hitch dealer about
sway control.
Carefully  observe the  weight  and
load limits provided in the following
may be exceeded by not more than       •  Do  not  do  any  towing  with   your
10% or
100 kg (220.4 lbs), whichev-
vehicle  during  its   first  2,000  km
(1,200 miles)  in order to  allow the
engine to properly break in. Failure
to heed  this caution  may result  in
serious   engine   or   transmission
er value is lower. In this case, do not
exceed  100   km/h   (62.1  mph)   for
vehicle of category M1 or    80 km/h
mph)  for  vehicle  of  category
When  a  vehicle  of  category  M1  is    •  When  towing a  trailer,  be sure  to
towing a trailer, the additional load
consult  an   authorized  HYUNDAI
imposed   at   the   trailer   coupling
dealer  for  further   information  on
device may cause the tire maximum
additional requirements  such as  a
load ratings to be exceeded, but not
towing kit, etc.
by more than 15%. In this case, do
not exceed 100 km/h (62.1 mph) and
increase  the  tire  inflation  pressure
by at least 0.2 bar.
Always drive your vehicle at a mod-
erate  speed  (less than  100  km/h
mph)) or  posted towing speed
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