2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Changing Priority
Phone Menu Screen
It   is  possible   to   pair   up  to   five
Bluetooth ®
devices  with the  car  audio  system.
The “Change Priority” feature is used
to   set  the   connection   priority   of
paired  phones.  However,  the  most
recently connected phone will always
be set as the highest priority.
From  the  paired  phone  list,  select
the phone  you want to switch  to the
highest    priority,   then    press   the
[Change    priority](4)    button.   The     Technology  device connected,  press
selected  device will  be  changed  to     the  [PHONE]  button to  display  the
the highest priority.
When a  device is currently  connect-
ed, even if you change the priority  to
a different  device, the currently con-
nected phone  will  always be  set as
When  deleting   the  currently  con-     the highest priority.
nected device, the device will auto-
matically  be   disconnected  to  pro-
ceed with the deleting process.
Disconnecting a Device
From the paired phone list, select the
currently    connected    device   and
press the [Disconnect](2) button.
Phone Menus
Bluetooth ®
Deleting a Device
Phone menu screen.
From the paired phone list, select the
device you want  to delete and press
the [Delete](3) button.
Dial  Number   :  Displays  the  dial
screen   where  numbers   can   be
dialed to make calls.
i   Information
Call History :  Displays the call his-
tory list screen.
•  Phone book  : Displays  the Phone
book list screen.
•  Setup : Displays Phone related set-
If   a   paired  Bluetooth  ®  Wireless
Technology  device   is  deleted,   the
device’s call history and phone book
data will also be deleted.
To re-use a deleted device, you must
pair the device again.
Product Specification
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