2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Low aspect ratio tire
(if equipped)
The  sidewall   of  the   low  aspect     •  It  is   difficult  to  recognize   tire
The low  aspect  ratio tires,  of which
aspect    ratio    is   below    50,   are
equipped with for the sporty  look.
ratio tire  is  thinner than  the high
aspect  ratio tire. Thus,  the  wheel
and  the  tire  may be  easily  dam-
damage only with eyes. However,
we recommend  you to  have the
tire  checked  or  replaced   upon
detecting even  the slightest  tire
damage.  The  tire  damage  may
leak air from the tire.
Riding  with  high  aspect  ratio   tires     aged.   Thus,   follow    the   below
may be uncomfortable  with unpleas-
ant noises,  because the  low aspect
ratio tires are  optimized for handling
and braking.
Cautiously drive the vehicle on a
rough   road   or   off   the   road.     •  Tire damage,  caused by  driving
Otherwise, the  tires and  wheels
may  be damaged.  After  driving
those  areas,   inspect  the   tires
and wheels.
on a  rough  road, pothole, man-
hole  or  curb  stone,  or  off  the
road, is not covered by the man-
ufacturer’s warranty.
Slowly drive the  vehicle to pass     •  For   further   information  about
over  a   pothole,   speed  bump,
manhole, or curb stone.
the tire, refer  to the label on  the
tire sidewall.
Otherwise, the  tires and  wheels
may be damaged.
Upon  having  an impact  on  the
tire, we recommend you to  have
the tires inspected by an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Inspect the tires  every 3,000 km
to prevent damage.
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