2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Tire rotation
without a spare tire
i   Information
To equalize  tread wear,  it is  recom-
mended  that   the  tires   be  rotated
every  12,000  km  (7,500   miles)  or
sooner if irregular wear develops.
During  rotation,  check  the  tires  for
correct balance.
When rotating tires, check for uneven
wear and damage. Abnormal wear is
usually caused by incorrect tire pres-
sure, improper wheel alignment, out-
of-balance wheels, severe braking or
severe cornering. Look  for bumps or
bulges  in  the  tread or  side  of  tire.
Replace the  tire if  you find either  of
these conditions.  Replace the  tire if
fabric or cord is visible. After rotation,
be sure to bring the front and rear tire
pressures to specification and check
lug nut tightness.
The outside and inside of the unsym-
metrical tire is distinguishable. When
installing  an  unsymmetrical  tire,  be
sure to install the side marked "out-
side"   face  the   outside.  If   the   side
marked  "inside"  is  installed  on  the
outside,  it  will  have  a  bad  effect  on
vehicle performance.
Disc brake pads should be inspected
for wear whenever tires are rotated.
Do not  use the compact  spare
tire for tire rotation.
Do not  mix bias ply  and radial
ply  tires   under  any   circum-
stances.This may cause unusu-
al handling  characteristics that
could  result  in   death,  severe
injury, or property damage.
Refer to “Tire and wheels” in section 8.
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