2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Select   [Audio  Settings]      Select     With the Clock Button
Return : While adjusting values, re-
pressing    the   TUNE   knob    will
restore the parent menu.
Bass, Middle,  Treble :  Selects the
sound tone.
Fader, Balance :  Moves the sound
fader and balance.
Day Settings
This menu is used to set the  date.
Select [Day Settings]
Adjust the number  currently in focus
to make  the  settings and  press the
TUNE knob to  move to the next set-
Default : Restores default settings.
Speed Dependent Volume Control
This feature is  used to automatically
control the volume level according to
the speed of the vehicle.
Select  [Speed   Dependent  Vol.]  
Set [Off/On]
Press the [SETUP/CLOCK] button 
Select [Clock]
Time Format
This function is used to set the 12/24
hour time format of the audio system.
Select  [Time  Format]    Set  12hr/
Clock Settings
This menu is used to set the  time.
Select [Clock  Settings]
Adjust the number  currently in focus
to set the [hour] and press the TUNE
knob to set the [minute].
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