2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Diesel engine
Diesel fuel
Commercially supplied  Diesel blends
of no  more than  7%  biodiesel, com-
monly known  as "B7 Diesel"  may be
used in your vehicle if Biodiesel meets
EN 14214 or equivalent specifications.
(EN stands for "European Norm").The
use  of biofuels  exceeding 7%  made
from  rapeseed  methyl  ester  (RME),
fatty  acid methyl  ester (FAME),  veg-
etable oil  methyl ester  (VME)  etc. or
mixing   diesel  exceeding   7%   with
biodiesel will cause increased wear or
damage to  the  engine and  fuel sys-
tem. Repair or replacement of worn or
damaged components due to the use
of non approved fuels will not be  cov-
ered by the manufactures warranty.
Diesel engine must be operated only
on commercially available diesel fuel
that complies with EN 590 or compa-
rable   standard.    (EN    stands   for
"European    Norm").   Do   not    use
marine  diesel  fuel,  heating  oils,  or
non-approved fuel  additives,  as this
will  increase wear  and  cause dam-
age to  the  engine and  fuel system.
The use of non-approved fuels  and /
or fuel additives will result in a limita-
tion of your warranty rights.
Diesel  fuel  of  above  cetane  51   is
used in  your vehicle. If  two types  of
diesel fuel are available, use summer
or  winter fuel  properly  according to
the following temperature conditions.
Do not let any gasoline or water
enter the tank.This  would make
it necessary  to drain it  out and
to bleed  the lines to  avoid jam-
ming  the   injection  pump  and
damaging the engine.
Diesel Fuel
(if equipped with DPF)
It  is  recommended  to  use  the
automotive    diesel
fuel for diesel  vehicle equipped
with the DPF system.
If you  use diesel  fuel including
high sulfur  (more  than 50  ppm
sulfur)   and  unspecified   addi-
tives, it can cause the  DPF sys-
tem  to  be damaged  and  white
smoke can be emitted.
Above -5°C (23°F) ... Summer type
diesel fuel.
Never  use  any  fuel,  whether
diesel, B7  biodiesel  or other-
wise, that fails to meet the lat-
est petroleum  industry speci-
Never  use any  fuel  additives
or treatments that are not rec-
ommended   or  approved   by
the vehicle manufacturer.
Below  -5°C (23°F)  ... Winter  type
diesel fuel.
Watch the fuel  level in the  tank very
carefully : If the engine stops through
fuel failure, the circuits must be com-
pletely purged to permit restarting.
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