2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Trailer towing equipment
It's  important   to  have   the  correct     Safety chains
hitch  equipment.  Crosswinds,  large
You  should   always   attach  chains
trucks going by, and rough roads are
a  few  reasons why  you’ll  need  the
right  hitch. Here  are  some rules  to
between your  vehicle and your  trail-
er. Cross the safety chains under the
tongue   of  the   trailer  so   that   the
tongue will  not drop  to the  road if it
Do you have  to make any holes in      becomes separated  from  the  hitch.
the body of  your vehicle when you     Instructions about  safety chains may
install a trailer hitch? If you do, then    be provided by the hitch manufactur-
be  sure   to  seal  the   holes  later     er or  trailer manufacturer. Follow the
when you  remove the hitch. If  you     manufacturer’s  recommendation  for
don't seal  them, carbon  monoxide     attaching safety chains. Always leave
(CO)  from  your  exhaust  can  get     just  enough  slack  so  you can  turn
into  your  vehicle,  as  well  as  dirt     with  your  trailer.  And,   never  allow
and water.
safety chains to drag on the ground.
The  bumpers on  your vehicle  are
not  intended  for  hitches.  Do  not
attach   rental    hitches   or   other
bumper-type hitches  to them. Use
only  a  frame-mounted   hitch  that
does not attach to the bumper.
A HYUNDAI trailer hitch accessory
is   available    at    an   authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
i   Information
The  mounting   hole  for   hitches  are
located on both sides of the underbody
behind the rear tires.
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