2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Seat warmers and air ventila-
tion seats
Front seat warmers (if equipped)
Seat warmers  are provided  to warm
the seats during cold weather.
Intoxicated individuals.
To  prevent   damage  to   the  seat
warmers and seats:
•  Never  use   a  solvent   such  as
paint thinner, benzene, alcohol or
gasoline to clean the seats.
People taking  medication that
can    cause   drowsiness    or
•  Do  not   place  heavy   or  sharp
objects  on seats  equipped  with
seat warmers.
•  Do not change  the seat  cover. It
may damage the  seat warmer or
air ventilation system.
The  seat warmers  can cause  a
SERIOUS  BURN,   even  at   low
temperatures  and  especially  if
used for long periods of time.
Passengers must be able to feel
if the seat is becoming too warm
so they can turn it off, if needed.
People who  cannot detect  tem-
perature  change or  pain to  the
skin  should  use  extreme  cau-
tion,  especially   the   following
types of passengers:
NEVER  place  anything   on  the
seat that  insulates against  heat
when the seat warmer is in oper-
ation, such as  a blanket or  seat
cushion.  This  may   cause  the
seat  warmer to  overheat,  caus-
ing a burn or damage to the seat.
Infants,   children,  elderly   or
disabled  persons, or  hospital
People  with sensitive  skin  or
who burn easily.
Fatigued individuals.
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