2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Using ABS
To obtain the  maximum benefit from
your ABS in an emergency situation,
do  not   attempt   to  modulate   your
brake  pressure  and   do  not  try  to
pump   your  brakes.  Depress   your
brake pedal as hard as possible.
When you  apply  your brakes  under
conditions    which    may   lock    the
wheels, you  may  hear sounds  from
the  brakes, or  feel a  corresponding
sensation in the  brake pedal. This is
normal  and  it  means  your  ABS  is
ABS does not reduce the time or dis-
tance it takes to stop the vehicle.
Always maintain a safe distance from
the vehicle in front of you.
ABS  will   not  prevent   a  skid   that
results   from   sudden   changes   in
direction,  such  as  trying  to  take  a
corner too  fast or  making a  sudden
lane change.  Always drive at  a safe
speed for the road and weather  con-
On roads where  the road sur-
face is  pitted or  has different
surface height.
Tire  chains  are   installed  on
your vehicle.
An  Anti-Lock   Braking  System
ABS) or  an Electronic Stability
Control  (ESC)  system  will  not
prevent     accidents     due     to
improper  or dangerous  driving
maneuvers.  Even though  vehi-
cle  control is  improved  during
emergency     braking,    always
The  safety features  of  an ABS
or ESC equipped vehicle should
not  be   tested  by  high   speed
driving or cornering. This could
endanger the  safety of yourself
or others.
safe     distance
between you and objects ahead
of  you. Vehicle  speeds  should
always    be    reduced     during
extreme   road  conditions.  The
braking     distance     for    cars
equipped with ABS or ESC may
be longer than for those without
these  systems in  the following
road conditions.
ABS is an  electronic braking system
that  helps  prevent  a   braking  skid.
ABS  allows the  driver  to  steer and
brake at the same time.
Drive  your  vehicle  at  reduced
speeds   during   the   following
Rough,  gravel   or  snow-cov-
ered roads.
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