2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Compact spare tire replacement
(if equipped)
The use  of any other tire  size
or  type  may  seriously  affect
ride,  handling,  ground  clear-
ance, stopping distance, body
to  tire   clearance,  snow   tire
clearance,  and   speedometer
A compact  spare  tire has  a shorter
tread  life  than   a  regular  size  tire.
Replace  it  when  you  can  see  the
tread wear indicator bars  on the tire.
The replacement compact  spare tire
should be the same  size and design
tire  as  the  one  provided  with  your
new vehicle and  should be mounted
on  the   same   compact  spare   tire
wheel. The compact spare tire is  not
designed to be mounted on a regular
size  wheel, and  the compact  spare
tire wheel is not designed for mount-
ing a regular size tire.
Driving  on  worn-out  tires   is
very    hazardous     and    will
reduce braking  effectiveness,
steering  accuracy,  and   trac-
Your vehicle  is equipped with
tires  designed to  provide  for
safe  ride and  handling  capa-
bility.  Do not  use  a  size and
type of  tire and  wheel that  is
different from  the  one that  is
originally   installed   on  your
vehicle. It can affect the safety
and performance of your vehi-
cle, which  could lead  to han-
dling  failure  or   rollover  and
serious injury.When replacing
the tires,  be sure  to equip  all
four  tires   with  the   tire  and
wheel of  the same  size, type,
tread, brand and load-carrying
•  It  is  best  to  replace  all four
tires at  the same  time. If  that
is not  possible, or necessary,
then replace  the  two front  or
two   rear    tires   as    a   pair.
Replacing  just   one  tire   can
seriously affect your vehicle’s
The ABS works by comparing
the speed  of  the wheels. Tire
size  can  affect  wheel speed.
When   replacing   tires,  all   4
tires must  use  the same  size
originally   supplied  with   the
vehicle. Using tires of a differ-
ent  size  can  cause  the  ABS
(Anti-lock Brake  System) and
Control) (if  equipped) to work
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