2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
This  system  helps  to   protect  your     Once the security system is set, open-
vehicle and  valuables. The horn  will     ing  any door,  the trunk,  or the  hood
sound and the hazard warning  lights     without using the remote key or smart
will  blink continuously  if  any  of  the     key will cause the alarm to activate.
following occurs:
The Theft Alarm System will not set if
A door is opened without using the     the  hood,  the trunk,  or  any door  is
remote key or smart key.                     not  fully closed. If the system will not
set, check the hood, the trunk, or the
doors are fully closed.
The trunk  is opened without  using
the remote key or smart  key.
Do not attempt to alter this system or
add other devices to it.
The engine hood is opened.
The alarm continues for 30 seconds,
then  the system  resets.  To turn  off
the alarm,  unlock the doors with  the
remote key or smart key.
The  Theft  Alarm  System  automati-
cally sets  30 seconds after  you lock
the doors and the trunk. For the sys-
tem  to  activate,  you  must lock  the
doors and the trunk from outside  the
vehicle with the remote  key or smart
key or by  pressing the button on the
outside of the  door handles with  the
smart key in your possession.
i   Information
i   Information
Do not lock the doors until all pas-        Vehicles equipped with a theft alarm
sengers have left the vehicle. If the
remaining    passenger    leaves   the
vehicle  when  the  system  is  armed,
the alarm will be activated.
system  will  have  a  label  attached  to
the vehicle with the following words:
If  the  vehicle  is  not  disarmed  with
the  remote  key  or smart  key,  open
the  doors  by  using  the  mechanical
key and place the ignition switch in
the ON position (for  remote key) or
start the engine (for smart key) and
wait for 30 seconds.
The hazard  warning  lights will  blink
and  the  chime  will  sound  once  to
indicate the system is armed.
When the system is disarmed but a
door or trunk is not opened within 30
seconds, the system will be rearmed.
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