2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
If  the  Parking Brake  Warning  Light
Brake  Warning   Light      remains on after the parking brake is
by placing  the  ignition     released  while   engine  is   running,
switch to the  ON posi-     there  may  be  a  malfunction  in  the
tion  (do  not  start  the     brake system. Immediate attention is
Do  not   apply   the  accelerator
pedal while the  parking brake is
engaged.   If   you  depress    the
accelerator pedal  with the park-
ing brake  engaged, warning will
sound.  Damage  to  the  parking
brake may occur.
Driving with the parking brake on
can overheat the  braking system
and  cause   premature  wear   or
damage to brake parts. Make sure
the parking brake is released and
the  Brake  Warning  Light  is  off
before driving.
This light will be illuminated when the    If  at  all  possible, cease  driving  the
parking brake is applied with the igni-    vehicle immediately. If that is not pos-
tion switch in the START or ON posi-     sible,   use   extreme   caution   while
operating the  vehicle  and only  con-
tinue  to  drive  the  vehicle until  you
can reach a safe location.
Before  driving, be  sure  the parking
brake  is   released   and  the   Brake
Warning Light is OFF.
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