2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driver’s front air bag (2)
Driver’s front air bag (3)
To prevent objects from becom-
ing dangerous projectiles  when
the passenger's air bag inflates:
Do  not   install  or  place   any
holder,    CD
holder,  stickers,  etc.)  on  the
front passenger's panel above
the glove  box where  the pas-
senger's air bag is located.
Do  not  install a  container  of
liquid  air  freshener  near  the
instrument  cluster  or  on  the
instrument panel surface.
Passenger’s front air bag
Upon deployment, tear seams  mold-
ed  directly  into the  pad  covers  will
separate  under  pressure   from  the
expansion  of  the  air  bags.  Further
opening  of   the  covers   allows  full
inflation of the air bags.
A fully  inflated  air bag,  in combina-
tion  with a  properly worn  seat  belt,
slows  the driver's  or  the  front  pas-
senger's  forward   motion,  reducing
the risk of head and chest  injury.
After  complete inflation,  the  air bag
immediately starts deflating, enabling
the driver to maintain  forward visibili-
ty and  the ability to  steer or operate
other controls.
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