2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
You will find many  safety precautions     Restrain all children
Driver distraction
and   recommendations   throughout
All children under age 13 should ride     Driver  distraction presents  a serious
in your vehicle properly  restrained in     and potentially  deadly danger,  espe-
a rear seat, not the front seat. Infants     cially for inexperienced drivers. Safety
this section, and throughout this man-
ual.The safety precautions in this sec-
tion are among the most important.
should  be   the  first   concern  when
restrained  in   an  appropriate   child     behind the wheel and drivers need  to
restraint. Larger children  should use     be aware of the wide array of potential
a booster  seat with the  lap/shoulder     distractions,   such   as  drowsiness,
belt until  they can  use the  seat belt     reaching for  objects, eating, personal
grooming,   other   passengers,   and
using cellular phones.
Always wear your seat belt
A seat  belt is your  best protection in
all  types  of accidents.  Air  bags  are
designed  to  supplement  seat  belts,
not  replace  them.  So  even  though
properly without a booster seat.
Drivers can become distracted when
they take their eyes and  attention off
the road or their hands  off the wheel
to focus on activities  other than driv-
ing. To reduce your risk of distraction
and an accident:
your vehicle is equipped with air bags,    Air bag hazards
ALWAYS  make  sure  you  and   your
passengers wear your seat belts, and
wear them properly.
While  air bags  can save  lives,  they
can   also   cause   serious   or   fatal
injuries  to   occupants  who   sit  too
close to  them, or who  are not  prop-
erly  restrained.  Infants,  young  chil-
dren,  and  short   adults  are  at  the
greatest risk  of  being injured  by an
inflating  air  bag. Follow  all  instruc-
tions and warnings in this manual.
ALWAYS set up your mobile devices
(i.e., MP3  players,  phones, naviga-
tion units, etc.) when your  vehicle is
parked or safely stopped.
ONLY use your mobile device when
allowed by laws and  conditions per-
mit safe  use. NEVER  text or  email
while  driving.  Most countries  have
laws prohibiting drivers from texting.
Some countries and  cities also pro-
hibit  drivers   from  using  handheld
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