2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Starting and stopping the engine
for turbocharger intercooler
To prevent damage to the vehicle:      To prevent damage to the vehicle:
Do  not   race   or  accelerate   the
engine  immediately after  starting
the engine.
If the engine stalls while you are     Do   not  press  the   Engine  Start/
in  motion,   do  not   attempt   to     Stop button for more  than 10 sec-
move  the  shift   lever  to  the  P      onds except  when the  stop  lamp
If the engine is cold, idle for sever-
al seconds  before sufficient  lubri-
cation   is  ensured   in  the   turbo
charger unit.
(Park) position.
fuse is blown.
If  traffic   and   road  conditions      When the stop lamp fuse is blown,
permit,  you  may   put  the  shift     you  can't start the engine normal-
lever in  the N  (Neutral) position     ly.  Replace  the  fuse  with  a  new
while the  vehicle is still  moving     one. If you  are not able to replace
and press the Engine  Start/Stop     the fuse, you can  start the engine
button  in  an attempt  to  restart     by    pressing   and    holding    the
the engine.
Do not push or tow  your vehicle
to start the engine.
After high speed or extended driv-
ing  that   requires   heavy  engine
load,   idle   the  engine   about   1
minute  before turning  the  engine
off. This idle time will allow the tur-
bocharger to cool prior  to shutting
the engine off.
Engine  Start/Stop   button  for  10
seconds  with   the  Engine   Start/
Stop button in the ACC position.
For your safety always depress the
brake  and/or  clutch  pedal before
starting the engine.
Do not turn off the engine immedi-
ately after it has been subjected to
a heavy load. Doing so may cause
severe  damage  to  the  engine or
turbo charger unit.
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