2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
A motorcycle or bicycle is near.
A flat trailer is near.
If  the  vehicle  has   started  at  the
same  time  as the  vehicle  next  to
you and has accelerated.
When the other vehicle passes at a
very fast speed.
While changing lanes.
- If there is a low height vehicle  such
as a sports car.
When  other  vehicles are  close  to
your vehicle.
- When the  vehicle  in the  next lane
moves  two  lanes  away  from  you
OR  when   the  vehicle  two   lanes
away moves  to the  next lane  from
While  going  down  or  up  a  steep
road where the height of the lane is
When the other vehicle approaches
very close.
When a trailer or carrier is installed.
When  the temperature  of the  rear
bumper is high.
When  the sensors  are blocked  by
other vehicles,  walls  or parking-lot
When  the   detected   vehicle  also
moves back, as your  vehicle drives
If  there  are  small   objects  in  the
detecting area such  as a shopping
cart or a baby carriage.
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