2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Selecting a Child Restraint
System (CRS)
Child Restraint System types
There are  three main types  of Child
Restraint  Systems:  rearward-facing
seats,   forward-facing    seats,   and
booster  seats.  They   are  classified
according  to the  child’s  age, height
and weight.
When selecting a CRS for your child,
Make  sure  the  CRS  has  a  label
certifying  that  it meets  applicable
Safety Standards of your country.
Select  a  Child   Restraint  System
based  on  your child’s  height  and
weight. The  required  label  or  the
instructions  for  use  typically  pro-
vide this information.
Rearward-facing Child Restraint
Select  a  Child   Restraint  System
that fits the vehicle seating position
where it will be used.
Read  and comply  with  the  warn-
ings and instructions for installation
and  use  provided  with  the  Child
Restraint System.
A  rearward-facing   Child   Restraint
System  provides   restraint  with  the
seating  surface  against the  back  of
the child. The  harness system  holds
the child in place, and in an accident,
acts to keep the child positioned in the
Child Restraint  Systems and  reduce
the  stress  to   the  fragile  neck  and
spinal cord.
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