2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Additional safety precautions
Do not place  items under the front
seats. Placing  items  under the  front
seats could  interfere  with the  opera-
tion of the supplemental restraint sys-
tem  sensing components  and wiring
Do not cause  impact to the  doors.
Impact to the doors  when the ignition
switch is in the ON position may cause
the air bags to inflate.
Passengers should not move out of
or change seats while the vehicle is
moving.  A   passenger  who   is  not
wearing a seat  belt during a crash or
emergency   stop    can   be   thrown
against  the   inside  of   the  vehicle,
against other occupants, or be ejected
from the vehicle.
If  components  of the  air  bag
system must be discarded, or if
the vehicle  must be scrapped,
must be  observed. Consult an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer for
Failure to follow  these precau-
tions could increase the risk of
personal injury.
Do not use any accessories on seat
belts.  Devices  claiming   to  improve
occupant  comfort   or  reposition  the     Adding equipment to or modify-
seat  belt  can  reduce  the  protection    ing your air bag equipped vehicle
provided by the seat belt and increase
If you modify your vehicle by changing
the chance of serious injury in a crash
your vehicle's frame,  bumper system,
Do not modify the front seats.
Modification  of the  front  seats could
interfere with the operation of the sup-
plemental  restraint   system  sensing
components or side air bags.
front end  or side  sheet metal or  ride
height, this may affect the operation of
your vehicle's air bag system.
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