2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Resetting the sunroof
4. Push  the   control   lever   forward     6. Release the  sunroof control  lever
about 10 seconds.                                   after all operation  has completed.
(The  sunroof   system  has   been
Sunroof needs to be reset if (in the fol-
When the  sunroof is  in the  close
position :
Battery is discharged or disconnect-
ed  or  the  related   fuse  has  been
replaced or disconnected
The glass will tilt and slightly move
up and down.
i   Information
When the sunroof is in the tilt posi-    •  If  the  sunroof  does  not  reset  when
The  glass  will  slightly  move  up
and down.
The one-touch sliding function of the
sunroof does not normally operate
Place the ignition switch  to the ON
position or start the engine.It is rec-
ommended  to   reset  the  sunroof
while the engine is running.
the  vehicle  battery  is  disconnected
or  discharged,   or   related  fuse   is
blown, the sunroof may not operate
Do  not  release  the  lever   until  the     •  For  more  detailed  information,  we
operation is completed.
sunroof will close  completely or tilt     If you release the lever during opera-
depending on  the condition  of the     tion,  try again from step 2.
recommend   that   you  contact   an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Push the control lever forward. The
Release the  control lever  until the
sunroof does not move.
Within 3 seconds, push the control
lever   forward  until   the   sunroof
operates as follows:
Tilt down  Slide  Open →   Slide
Do  not  release  the  lever   until  the
operation is completed.
If you release the lever during opera-
tion, try again from step 2.
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