2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Larger children
Seat belt use and  injured people
Children under  age 13 and  who are
too  large  for  a  booster   seat  must
always occupy the rear seat and use
the  available  lap/shoulder   belts.  A
seat belt should lie across  the upper
thighs and be snug across the shoul-
der  and  chest  to restrain  the  child
safely.  Check belt  fit  periodically.  A
child's  squirming could  put  the  belt
out of position. Children are afforded
the  most  safety in  the  event  of  an
accident when they are restrained by
a proper restraint system and/or seat
belts in the rear seat.
If a larger child  over age 13 must be
seated  in  the  front  seat,  the  child
must  be securely  restrained  by  the
available  lap/shoulder  belt  and  the
seat  should  be placed  in  the  rear-
most position.
A seat belt  should be used when an
injured person  is being  transported.
Consult a  physician for  specific rec-
Always make sure  larger chil-
dren’s seat belts are worn and
properly adjusted.
NEVER   allow   the   shoulder
belt   to   contact   the   child’s
neck or face.
One person per belt
Two people (including children) should
never attempt to use a single seat belt.
This  could  increase  the  severity   of
injuries in case of an accident.
•  Do not  allow  more  than  one
child to use a single seat belt.
Do not lie down
Sitting  in  a  reclined  position  when
the vehicle  is in motion can  be dan-
gerous. Even  when buckled  up,  the
protections  of your  restraint  system
(seat belts and/or air bags) is greatly
reduced by reclining your seatback.
Seat belts must be snug against your
hips  and   chest   to  work   properly.
During  an  accident,   you  could  be
thrown  into  the  seat   belt,  causing
neck or other injuries.
If  the  shoulder  belt  portion  slightly
touches the  child’s neck  or face, try
placing the child closer  to the center
of the vehicle. If the shoulder belt still
touches their face or neck, they need
to  be   returned   to  an   appropriate
booster seat in the rear seat.
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