2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Leaded (if equipped)
Vehicle damage  or driveability prob-     Other fuels
lems  may   not  be  covered  by   the
For  some countries,  your vehicle  is
designed  to   use  leaded   gasoline.
When  you are  going to  use  leaded
Using fuel additives such as:
manufacturer’s warranty if they result
from the use of:
gasoline,  we  recommend   that  you     1. Gasohol   containing   more   than
ask an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
10% ethanol.
Silicone fuel additive
MMT (Magnanese, Mn) fuel additive
Ferrocene (iron-based) fuel additive
Other metallic-based fuel additives
Octane  rating of  leaded gasoline  is     2. Gasoline   or  gasohol   containing
same with unleaded one.
Leaded fuel or leaded gasohol.
may  result  in cylinder  misfire,  poor
acceleration,  engine   stalling,  dam-
age to the catalyst, or  abnormal cor-
rosion,  and  may  cause damage  to
the engine resulting in a reduction  in
the overall life of the powertrain.
Gasoline containing alcohol and
Gasohol,  a mixture  of  gasoline and
ethanol  (also  known  as grain  alco-
hol),  and  gasoline  or  gasohol  con-
taining   methanol   (also  known   as
wood  alcohol)  are   being  marketed
along  with  or  instead  of  leaded  or
unleaded gasoline.
Do not use  gasohol containing more
than  10%  ethanol, and  do  not  use
gasoline  or  gasohol  containing  any
methanol. Either  of these  fuels  may
cause drivability  problems and dam-
age to the fuel system, engine control
system and emission control system.
Never  use gasohol  which  con-
tains    methanol.    Discontinue
use   of  any   gasohol   product
which impairs drivability.
Damage to the fuel system or per-
formance problem  caused  by the
use of these fuels may not be cov-
ered by  your New Vehicle Limited
Discontinue  using   gasohol  of   any
kind if drivability problems occur.
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