2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Operating door locks from
inside the vehicle
With the door lock button
•  To unlock a door, pull the door lock
button (1)  to the “Unlock” position.
i   Information
The red mark  (2) on the  door lock      If a power door lock ever fails to func-
tion  while  you  are  in  the  vehicle  try
one  or  more   of  the  following  tech-
niques to exit:
button will be visible.
Left-hand drive
•  To lock a  door, push the door  lock
button (1)  to the “Lock”  position. If
the door is locked properly, the red      Operate    the   door   unlock    feature
mark  (2) on  the  door  lock button
will not be visible.
repeatedly (both electronic and manu-
al) while simultaneously pulling on the
door handle.
UUnnlloocckk //  LLoocckk
To open a  door, pull the door  han-
dle (3) outward.
If the  inner door handle of  the dri-
ver’s (or front  passenger’s) door is      Lower  a  front  window  and  use  the
pulled when the door lock button is      mechanical  key  to   unlock  the  door
Operate the other door locks and han-
dles, front and rear.
in  the lock  position,  the  button is
unlocked and door opens.
from outside.
Right-hand drive
Front doors cannot be locked if the
key is in the ignition switch and any
front door is open.
Doors   cannot   be  locked   if   the
smart key is in the vehicle  and any
door is open.
LLoocckk //  UUnnlloocckk
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