2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Supplemental Air Bag System for the
driver’s  seat  and  front  passenger’s
The  front air  bags  are  designed to
supplement    the   three-point    seat
belts. For  these air  bags  to provide
protection,  the  seat  belts  must  be
worn at all times when driving.
You can be  severely injured or killed
in an accident if you  are not wearing
a seat belt. Air bags are  designed to
supplement  seat  belts,  but  do   not
replace them. Also,  air bags are  not
designed to deploy in every collision.
In some accidents, the seat belts are
the only restraint protecting you.
ALWAYS use  seat belts and  child restraints  - every trip,  every time,
everyone! Even with air bags, you can be seriously injured or killed in
a collision if  you are improperly belted or  not wearing your seat belt
when the air bag inflates.
NEVER place a child in any child restraint or booster seat in the front
passenger seat. An inflating  air bag could forcefully strike  the infant
or child causing serious or fatal injuries.
ABC - Always Buckle Children under age 13 in the  back seat. It is the
safest place for  children of any age to  ride. If a child age 13  or older
must be  seated in the  front seat, he  or she must  be properly belted
and the seat should be moved as  far back as possible.
All occupants should sit upright with the seatback in an upright posi-
tion, centered on  the seat cushion with  their seat belt on,  legs com-
fortably extended and their feet on the floor until the vehicle is parked
and the engine is  turned off. If an occupant is  out of position during
an accident, the rapidly  deploying air bag may  forcefully contact the
occupant causing serious or fatal injuries.
You  and  your  passengers  should never  sit  or  lean  unnecessarily
close to the air bags or lean  against the door or center console.
Move your seat as far back as possible from  front air bags, while still
maintaining control of the vehicle.
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