2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Floor mat anchor(s)
(if equipped)
Luggage net (holder)
(if equipped)
The following must be observed
when  installing  ANY  floor mat
to the vehicle.
Type A
Type B
Ensure that the floor mats are
securely attached to  the vehi-
before driving the vehicle.
Do not use  ANY floor mat that
cannot  be  firmly  attached   to
the vehicle's floor mat anchors.
Do not stack floor mats on top
of one another (e.g. all-weath-
er rubber mat on  top of a car-
peted floor mat). Only a single
floor  mat should  be installed
in each position.
ALWAYS use the  Floor Mat Anchors
to attach  the front  floor  mats to  the
vehicle.  The  anchors  on   the  front
floor carpet keep the floor  mats from
sliding forward.
To  keep  items  from  shifting  in  the
cargo  area,  you  can  use   the  four
holders located  in the cargo  area to
attach the luggage net.
If necessary, we recommend that you
contact  your   authorized  HYUNDAI
dealer to obtain a luggage net.
IMPORTANT  - Your  vehicle  was
manufactured  with  driver's side
floor   mat    anchors    that   are
designed  to   securely  hold  the
floor mat  in place.  To avoid  any
interference with pedal operation,
HYUNDAI  recommends  that the
HYUNDAI floor mat  designed for
use in your vehicle be installed.
Vehicles equipped with  a luggage
rail system  may use the  shackles
to hook the luggage net.
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