2017 Hyundai Elantra Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Good driving practices
•  Exercise  extreme   caution   when
driving  on  a  slippery  surface. Be
especially  careful   when  braking,
accelerating or shifting gears. On a
slippery surface, an abrupt change
in  vehicle  speed   can  cause  the
drive  wheels  to lose  traction  and
may cause  loss  of vehicle  control
resulting in an accident
Never take  the vehicle out  of gear
and   coast  down   a  hill.   This  is
extremely dangerous.
To prevent damage  to the engine,
clutch and transmission:
When downshifting from 5   gear
Don't  "ride"  the  brakes. This  can
cause the brakes and related parts
to overheat and malfunction.
to 4   gear, be careful not to inad-
vertently   push  the   shift  lever
sideways engaging the  2
A  drastic downshift  may  cause
the engine  speed to increase  to
the  point   the   tachometer  will
enter   the   red-zone   and   may
cause engine damage.
When you are driving  down a long
hill, slow down and  shift to a lower
gear. Engine braking will help slow
down the vehicle.
Slow  down   before  shifting   to  a
lower  gear.  This   will  help   avoid
over-revving the engine, which can
cause damage.
Do  not  use   the  engine  brake
(shifting  from a  higher  gear to
lower gear)  rapidly  on slippery
roads.  The   vehicle    may  slip
causing an accident.
Do not downshift more than two
gear at  a  time or  downshift the
gear when the engine is running
at  high   speed  (5,000   RPM  or
higher). Such  downshifting may
damage  the engine,  clutch  and
the transmission.
Slow  down  when   you  encounter
cross winds. This  gives you  much
better control of your vehicle.
Be  sure the  vehicle is  completely
stopped  before   you  shift  into   R
(Reverse)  to  prevent   damage  to
the transmission.
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