2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Smart key precautions
•  If the smart key is in close proximi-     Smart key immobilizer system
ty  to   your  cell   phone  or   smart
Your  vehicle   is  equipped   with  an
phone,  the signal  from  the  smart
electronic engine immobilizer system
key  could  be  blocked  by  normal
to  reduce  the  risk  of  unauthorized
operation  of   your  cell  phone   or
vehicle use.
The smart  key will not  work if  any
of the following occur:
The smart key is close to a radio
transmitter such  as  a radio  sta-
tion or an airport which can inter-
fere with normal operation of the
smart key.
smart   phone.  This  is   especially
Your  immobilizer   system   is   com-
prised of  a small transponder  in the
smart   key  and   electronic  devices
inside the vehicle.
important when the phone is active
such  as  making  a  call,  receiving
calls, text messaging, and/or send-
ing/receiving emails. Avoid  placing
The smart  key is  near a  mobile
two way radio system  or a cellu-
lar phone.
Another  vehicle’s  smart   key  is
being   operated  close   to   your
the smart  key and your cell  phone     With the  immobilizer system,  when-
or smart  phone in the same  pants     ever  you  turn  the engine  start/stop
or jacket pocket and maintain  ade-     button to the ON position by pressing
quate  distance  between   the  two     the  button while  carrying  the  smart
key, it verifies if the smart key is valid
or not.
When the smart key  does not work
correctly, open  and  close the  door
with the mechanical key and contact
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
If the  key is  determined to  be valid,
the engine will start.
If the key is determined to be invalid,
the engine will not start.
Keep  the smart  key  away from
water  or  any liquid  and  fire.  If
the inside of the  smart key gets
damp  (due  to  drinks  or  mois-
ture), or  is  heated, internal  cir-
cuit may malfunction, excluding
the car from the warranty.
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